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I'm a Product Designer and Design System Ops based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I've worked in several marketing agencies doing traditional graphic design (print, social media, a little bit of motion and video editing) but I've always ended up making digital products (which I love!) such as websites, landing pages and apps.

Because of that, I have a solid and strong background in Visual Design and, since I transitioned to UI/UX, I've learned a lot about solving real problems instead of only creating something cool.

I believe that we can always (or at least try to) create solutions that are not only eye-catching but also functional and intuitive. That's the beauty about it!

I'm very passionate about my work and I am always eager to learn more and more about UI/UX processes so that I can make smart decisions and deliver solutions that benefit both the user and the company.

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current work

Product Designer @ Blu

2020 — present

At Blu, as a Product Designer, I work on solutions from the beginning, understanding the problem along with the team, until the delivery of the screens. My role as DS Ops is to ensure product consistency and also maintain our Design System.

Freelance UI/UX Designer

I also work in small projects as a freelancer in some of my free time.

previous work

UI Designer @ Grupo Macro

2018 — 2020

As a UI Designer at Grupo macro, I've worked on landing pages and checkout flows for companies like Vivo, TIM, Sky, and Oi.

Graphic Designer @ Bodytech

2018 — 2018

It was a brief experience, and regardless of the fact that my role was graphic designer, working with print, I also ended up doing webpages.

UI Designer and Graphic Designer @ Agência B5

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